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patient-accounting-icon Patient Accounting

Patient Accounting is a comprehensive system designed to maximize collections, process data efficiently, and improve patient services. SurgeOn™ lets you customize billing requirements. It automatically calculates fees based on varying carriers, physicians, and procedures, and its flexibility allows you to define parameters to fit your unique processing and management needs. Accounts receivable and practice management information are provided through extensive -- and concise -- reporting capabilities. SurgeOn™ eases future planning by giving you exact analyses of where your practice is today so you can plan for tomorrow.

Patient Accounting module functions include the following:

  • Full Collection Capabilities
  • Charge/Payment/Adjustment Entry
  • Open Item Posting
  • Patient Billing and Credit Collection
  • Insurance Management
  • Electronic Claims Submission/Remittance using ANSI formats
  • Inquiry Information
  • ODBC compliant database allows any Microsoft product to mine data for extract or report generation.
  • Management Information Reporting